Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ro Family - Seattle Family Photographer

I love watching this family grow! I first met the Ro's when Lucy was just a newborn and it has been my pleasure to photograph them a number of times over the years. In these photos (as well as the previous ones) it is clear to see that over time children grow and personalities emerge, while love remains the constant that holds everyone together.

Thanks guys - I'm looking forward to next time!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sahir Newborn Shoot - Seattle Photographer

The afternoon I photographed this beautiful family was warm and sunny - a perfect end-of-summer sort of weekend in Seattle. Abhi and Elisha welcomed me warmly into their home and I first met Baby Sahir as he nursed contentedly in the arms of his lovely mother. The room was familiar in the way that all newborn rooms are - carefully folded burp cloths stacked amongst packages of yet unopened, untried trappings of baby life. An unused crib full of gifts for the new little prince.

We chatted about the birth, about the adjustment to parenthood, about excitement and exhaustion. As I began photographing, the love and devotion of parents to their child unfolded naturally before me. This is part of my job I really enjoy. It is my privilege to witness these early days when it takes two to change a diaper and swaddling the babe is a joint activity. Tired eyes are full of wonder as we all admire his flawless features; his dimples and ready smiles. Baby Sahir is a perfect addition to this world, and I'm glad I was there to document his beginning.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fern's Birth - Seattle Birth Photographer

Where do I begin? Bea is my best friend in the entire world. I love her and all three of her beautiful daughters. She has been with me in birth and in death and in normal every day life. Of course I was going to photograph the birth of her third child. I got the call around 11pm and immediately jumped in the car to drive from Ithaca to NYC. I had 4hrs to make the trip - I'd done it in 3.5 and was speeding just a bit, listening to books on CD and visualizing the beauty and power of the birth I was about to attend.

Fern, however - she had other plans.

Like, "let's be born after 2 hours of labor" kind of plans. Oh, I was crushed to not have been there. But when I walked in, the space was still sacred. My dear friend was glowing, her baby happily nursing, her older daughters yawning excitedly like kids on Christmas Eve, her husband looking on in joyful reverence. In the morning I took some more photos of Fern's first bath and I love these images of so many caring hands surrounding this child. She will have no lack of help and support in her life and we'll all be sure she never lacks for love. Blessings to you sweet Fern - even if I do think you came a little too fast.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Trueblood Family - Seattle Family Photographer

This was one of my favorite photo shoots to date. I mean, when photographing best friends, how could it not be? On that crisp fall morning the sun filtered through the fog in just the right way - magic. Happily, I'll be seeing these good looking folks later next week, and I'm so excited! Until then I'll just keep staring at their faces on my computer screen and dreaming about squeezing Atticus' amazing cheeks.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pierlas Family - Seattle Family Photographer

For family portraits, there is nothing better than late summer sun, a picnic blanket and a ton of grass. I shot these last summer and remember thinking how much baby Cassius had grown from sweet newborn to adorable toddler. Time sure fades our memories, but photos like this can freeze a season for a lifetime. I hope Cassius and his mum and dad continue to frolic and snuggle and laugh together their whole lives long.